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Programs and Services
Brighton Quinte West Family Health Team
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The Brighton Quinte West FHT offers a number of services via referrals by doctors in the local area, as well as a number of programs promoting health and disease prevention.

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Anti-coagulation Program

Nursing staff work closely with a physician to ensure there is appropriate follow-up and recall for all patients taking anticoagulants. All patients requiring blood work have their blood drawn at the clinic - and using the Point of Care system, can have their medication adjusted accordingly if needed. The nurses are there to answer questions and provide support as required.

Chronic Disease Self Management Program

This program is offered by nursing staff certified in the Stanford Model of Self Management.

You will learn new skills and tools to use in your daily life.

Session 1                                 

  • Differences between acute and chronic conditions
  • Using the mind for symptom management
  • Making Action Plans

Session 2

  • Difficult emotions
  • Introduction into Physical Activity

Session 3

  • Better Breathing
  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Pain and Fatigue management
  • Endurance Exercise

Session 4

  • Healthy Eating
  • Future Plans for Health Care
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving

Session 5

  • Medications
  • Making Treatment Decisions
  • Depression Management
  • Positive Thinking
  • Guided Imagery

Session 6

  • Working with your Health Care Professional & the Health Care System
  • Looking Back & Planning for the Future


Smoking Cessation Program

Through an initiative with the Ministry of Health, the nursing staff and Pharmacist have received certification to offer a comprehensive smoking cessation program to all patients that have been identified as current smokers. This program includes counseling and assisting current smokers at every encounter, health education, a tailored treatment course that provides Nicotine Replacement Therapy at no cost to the patient, and follow-up.

Well Woman Program

Nurses provide a screening and health promotion program that is client centred, close to home, and facilitates client comfort and program participation. Female assessments are done according to evidence based guidelines for preventative health care. Depending upon age and guidelines, this could include blood pressure, blood work, fecal occult blood test, mammogram, bone density, cervical screening, immunizations and general system based assessments. This program runs weekly.

Well Baby Program
All new babies are seen by either the primary care physician or nurse practitioner in conjunction with the nurses. Parents are provided with appropriate education, health promotion and counseling of growth and development of their baby. The babies are provided with immunizations according to the Ontario guidelines.
Diabetes Management Program

The Diabetes Management Program provides a comprehensive team approach for the prevention and promotion of wellness for newly diagnosed patients and patients with a history of Diabetes Mellitus (Type I and Type II). The program is based on guidelines developed by the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA), that are consistent with best practice and current evidence. The program offers an interdisciplinary team approach that consists of the primary care practitioner, Nurses, certified diabetic educator, dietician, pharmacist and social worker.Through a collaborative relationship with the patient, the team of healthcare professionals will improve the quality of care through enhanced health promotion and chronic disease management.

Healthy Nutrition Program

Nutritional and dietary counseling is offered to patients who require counselling and education for weight management, chronic disease and other acute conditions. Interested patients who want more information in this topic can ask their primary care provider for a referral to the Dietitian or can make an appointment themselves by contacting the Family Health Team receptionist.

Respiratory Disease Program

The Respiratory Disease program provides a comprehensive team approach to improve the overall health and wellbeing of patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Asthma. The program is based on current evidence and best practice guidelines are to relieve symptoms, slow the progression of the disease and improve the patients overall ability to stay active, to prevent and treat complications.

The care team consists of the certified  educator, nurses, dietician and pharmacist who are responsible for pulmonary testing, patient teaching and counseling.

Hypertension Management Program
The Hypertension Management Program is a collaboration with the Ontario Stroke Network. It follows Canadian recommendations for the management of patients with hypertension. The program offers an interdisciplinary team approach that consists of the primary care provider, nursing staff, dietitian and pharmacist. Based on the CHEP guidelines that are consistent with best practice and current evidence, the patient is supported for self management through appropriate education and risk factor reduction.
Influenza Program
This evidence-based program facilitates optimal client health and reduces the risk of influenza. Day and evening clinics are promoted and held to accommodate patient immunization access as well as immunizing patients daily throughout the influenza season.
Immunization Program

The provision of regular immunizations for all ages is an ongoing part of patient care at the Brighton Quinte West Family Health Team. Immunization against disease helps in the prevention of disease, and most immunizations can be performed in the clinic. You or your family can also get immunized at your local Public Health Unit.

Ontario Publicly Funded Immunization Schedules can be found at:

Mental Health and Addictions Programs

The social worker works in collaboration with the primary care provider to offer services to patients of all ages that experience symptoms of  mental health and/or addictions or may have difficulties coping with recent life events. The social worker can assess and counsel patients, including education, health promotion, and patient advocacy. An important role of the social worker is case management including linkages to local community resources. Patient sessions are done on a group or individual basis.

A psychiatrist is available for consultation, teaching and offering services to patients through Telemedicine. Patients seen by him need to be referred by one of the health care providers.