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Quality Improvement Plan

The BQWFHT Quality Improvement Committee, Board of Directors and staff are committed to ensure that all patients receive the best care possible. The BQWFHT Quality Improvement Plan is focused on the following:

  1. Access: Ensuring that all patients receive the right care by the right person at the right time is one of the main focuses of the QI plan. 
  2. Patient Centred: The BQWFHT is increasingly using a patient centred approach to care. Feedback from patients has become more important to assist with delivering high quality care. A “Patient Experience Survey” was developed and is continually revised to assist in receiving feedback.
  3. Integrated: The increasing cost of high users in the health care system is becoming unsustainable, and to be able to decrease hospital re-admissions and ER usage while improving our delivery of primary care has become important to the BQWFHT. Part of the QI focus is on collaborating and partnering with local hospitals and other organizations to look at ways to improve Transitions of Care for our patients.
  4. Effective: The BQWFHT has been offering Chronic Disease, Health Promotion and Preventative Care programs since its formation. Goals have always been part of the programs, but measuring and implementing achievable targets is now much more part of the focus. The FHT will continue to work on this aspect and develop achievable and measurable indicators for all of its programs. We want to ensure that the primary care offered to all of the rostered patients is of high quality and meets the needs of our patients.

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