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Forms Completion

All forms left with the Reception staff must have all the demographic information completed.
All information regarding the date of the accident and other appointments must be completed, as well as the basic health information, current medications, your height and weight.
None of the primary care providers will complete any form where the patient has not completed the above information.

It is the legal requirement that the Consent for the Release of information on all forms must be signed by the patient, guardian, substitute decision maker or executor of the estate.

The turnaround time for forms completion by the primary care provider may take 4 to 6 weeks from the date that the form is left with the Reception staff. All forms are stamped with the date that they are left with staff. Calling numerous times regarding the status of the form completion will NOT speed up the process.

Appointments for form completion will be arranged at the request of the Primary Care Provider.  Payment for all forms may be made by cash or cheque. Forms will be provided to patients on receipt of payment only.  Receipts for all payments are provided and recorded in the patient’s record.


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